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Jib Cranes

Jib Cranes

Typically, the Jib Crane pays itself off, and then earns you money.

How so?

The Jib Crane is utterly utterly efficient at:
– reducing a two man job into a one man job
– reduces injury since the worker’s appendages are safely clear of the items
– reduces worker exhaustion and fatigue by doing the lifting for you.
– increases speed and maneuverability and therefore raise productivity.
– frees up your forklift and driver and reduces fuel/emissions.
– keeps employees and WorkSafe happy
[all our units are engineered, designed and rated according to Australian Standards].

Your  Jib Crane  can be made specific to your applications, and:
– lift to any capacity from 25 KG to 3 Tonne
– slew manually or electrically from 0 degrees to 350 degrees.
– be well clear and above your workshop equipment
– have an reach from 1m – 8m

You can power your Jib Crane with… :
– Single Phase power
– Three Phase power
– Pneumatic Power
– or Manpower

… and lift with either:
– Electric Chain Hoists
– Electric Wire Rope Winches
– Pneumatic Hoists
– Manual Chain Blocks

It can help you:
– stack and empty pallets
– stack, empty or move any type of carton
– safely lift large and heavy objects from a clear distance
– transport objects from a floor below to a floor above
– and much much more.

Basically, the Jib Crane Lifting and Moving system is a cost-effective, efficient and long-lasting arrow in your workshop quiver. By reducing the normal manpower and exhaustion required,
it undeniably pays itself off in 3-6 months. Give us a call and let us know your specific materials handling problem, and we’ll see how effective the Jib Crane can be as a solution.

Got time now? Give us a call – 08 9258 4011. Or email us on the form below. And if you dare to
write your email and number incorrectly, I will find you and crush you with a Jib Crane.

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