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About Us

We supply Materials Handling solutions to your Materials Handling problems, and we operate in and from Perth. It’s as simple as that…. although we could go on…

So we will….

We work as a Father and Son Team to provide our customers with all the gear they require to do all they need to do safely and efficiently. We’ve been collectively working with metals and fabrication for 40+ years, and working with Forklift, Crane and Hoisting gear for 15+ years – therefore we have some brains, and can quite surely lend you a practical thought or two on fitting out your workplace.

When Richard is not at work [which is some say is a myth] he is a husband to his great wife of 30+ years, and a top Dad to his 4 children. His favourite son works with him, although we don’t tell the others that. Craig is married to his amazing wife of 7 years, and has 2 little whipper snappers himself.

We’re both followers of the King Jesus, and try very hard to be. We trust that he speaks truth that builds people and relationships for the better. For that reason, following him affects how we trade in business, but you don’t have to think for one single second that we’re fruitloops. You just need to be happy and confident that we won’t lie or cheat you in an effort to get a sale.

There. Now that you know us, you can buy from us…

No really, have you got a need? We’re here to help. Call us on [08] 9258 4011 or email to craig@mhs.net.au.