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Waste Tipping Bin

Waste Tipping Bin

Just so you know, we stock and sell 100+ Bins!
If this unit doesn’t immediately look like it does everything you need it to do, perhaps we need to talk about another unit. Call Richard or Craig on 09 9258 4011 right now, and let’s find it.

But perhaps this unit suits you fine?

It is lightweight [65kg + 90kg models] and cost effective, being made from strong but light 2mm Steel plating.
And it’s movable! It has three quality wheels for easy relocation, and has forklift tines and safety chain for a simple manual push over.

This unit comes in 2 sizes:

CFS6 – 0.35cubic metre capacity
350KG SWL @ 1120 L x 860 H x 580 W

CFS9 – 0.65cubic metre capacity
350KG SWL @ 1120 L x 860 H x 900 W

Need Further Product Specifications?

Fork Pocket Size:              140 x 65mm
Fork Pocket Centres:      367mm

If you’re in the business of filling your bins with wet gear but can’t afford a superior, custom galvanised construction, never mind! This Bin is Zinc Plated and comes standard with a Fitted Drain Plug for minimizing fluid pooling.

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