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Bottom Floor Release Waste Bin

Bottom Floor Release Waste Bin

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The Drop Bottom Bin is a solid, heavy duty Unit.
It’s renforced and rigid with 3mm Plate construction, and now comes with a whopping 1000KG SWL.

It comes with fully welded Crane and Fork Lugs, and can come in your choice of Painted Enamel or Zinc Plated Finish.

The emptying function is simple. The driver simply pulls on a draw rope handle, and complete emptying happens as the floors drops open to one side.
Any impact from the opening floor is absorbed by the built in Shock Absorbing System.

To close again, either a workperson can manually return the bottom floor to position, or simply lower the tines/crane to the ground and let it’s own weight close it for you.
If you further wish for a movable unit, this Bin has the added versatility of optional Heavy duty Rubber or Cast Iron Wheels.

This unit comes in 2 sizes:

DB800 – 0.8 cubic metre capacity @ 1000kg SWL
1200 W x 1025 L x 1045 H @ 225kg Unit Weight

DB1100 – 1.1 cubic metre capacity @ 1000kg SWL
1200 W x 1025 L x 1345 H @ 250kg Unit Weight

Further Unit Specifications
Fork Pocket Size:           160mm x 65mm
Fork Pocket Centres:    684mm

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