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Stackable Crane Bins

Stackable Crane Bins

We stock and sell 100+ Bins! If this unit doesn’t immediately look like it does everything you need it to do, perhaps we need to talk about another unit. Call Richard or Craig on 09 9258 4011, and let’s find it.

Yet perhaps one of these units IS the one you are after!
These heavy duty Stackable Crane Bins are suitable for all waste products. Built from quality 5mm plate, these fully welded unis come in either painted finish, or Zinc Plated if you think you will be regularly using wet gear.

If water pooling is a problem where you need a bin, there’s no problems here. These come with corner drain holes to prevent water retention.

There’s been a bit of thought put into these.  The space saving shape allows bins to nest on top of each other [4high] – which means easier storage and more space for you! Once they’re on your doorstep, they can be lifted via their 4 way entry Fork Pockets or Craned via their Crane Lugs. You can even use the bottom lugs for upending the bin and emptying via Crane or Fork.

We have many sizes available:

SSC 400 @ 0.4 Cubic Mere Capacity @ 2000 SWL
1250L x 1250W x 475H @ 200kg Unit Weight

SSC 800 @ 0.8 Cubic Mere Capacity @ 2000 SWL
1250L x 1250W x 775H @ 220kg Unit Weight

SSC 1000 @ 1.1 Cubic Mere Capacity @ 2000 SWL
1250L x 1250W x 925H @ 240kg Unit Weight

SSC 1200 @ 1.2 Cubic Mere Capacity @ 2000 SWL
1250L x 1250W x 1075H @ 260kg Unit Weight

Further Specifications:

Optional Wheels:               Heavy Duty Rubber or Cast Iron
Optional Drain Holes:      Request No Drain Holes

That will answer most of your questions, but should you have any more, let’s talk. Give us a call on 08 9258 4011.

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