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Hitachi Electric Chain Hoist Block

Hitachi Electric Chain Hoist Block

Hitachi’s reputation for excellence in design, quality, reliability and performance extends to their Hoisting Equipment. Hitachi  have three decades of proven reliability throughout Australiasia, and have been tried, tested and proven worthy in the widest range of operating challenges.

Hitachi Hoists have options to suit every workplace:

– Capacity:                250Kg   –  500Kg  –  1 Tonne   –   2 Tonne  –   3 Tonne   –   5 Tonne

– Power Supply:    Three Phase or Single Phase
– Speed:                  Single Speed or Two Speed

Fully contactorised using high rated contactors.
Standard pendant with mechanical interlock buttons. 24 Volt Control.

Safety Limits:
Full current and shunt limit switches operate in both directions of hook travel.

Electro-Magnetic, self adjusting disc brakes PLUS additional auxillary centrifugal brake system on ‘F’ Models [see chart].

Totally enclosed design for Electric Chain Hoist operation under even the most severe conditions. Every Hitachi Hoist equipped with Motor Thermal Protection.

Chain Bucket:
Noiseless design with flexible mounting.

Load Chain:
Grade 80 Zinc Plated

Overload Limiter:
A feature exclusive to the Hitachi Hoist range. A superior overload protection method available on all Hitachi Models.


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