If you can not find the item you are after in this website, please CONTACT US and we will either get it for you or build it ourselves.

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Contact Us

Maybe we have something in common?

We see RED whenever we go to a “Contact Us” page,
and  call the number,

and no-one picks up the flamin phone.

Wishing dearly to spare you from similar fury, here’s our assurance:

If you try all three phones below and no-one is answering,
you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s either midnight and you should be sleeping,
or that it’s the weekend and you should be resting,
or that we have all literally have our hands feet or mouths full and can’t physically pick up the phone.

Either way, hold back your fury and leave a message. We’ll get back to you ASAP!

All Sales Contacts:                             08 9258 4011

Manager/Accounts:                        Richard Verdouw
Mobile:                                               0413 289 272
Email:                                                 richard@mhs.net.au

Stone Age Fax:
                                 08 9258 4022

Or Email Us on our Online Form?

The usual response time is anywhere from 5 minutes to the next morning. If you have any urgency, just jot all your thoughts down and follow it up with a call on one of the numbers above.